Exploration of Physics

Simulation Library Vol. I

Version 3.2 for Windows & Mac

Raman Pfaff, University of New Haven
John Di Bartolo, Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Comprehensive software library of physics simulations and labs covering a full year of introductory physics – Mechanics, Waves, Heat, Fluids, Optics, and Electricity & Magnetism.


Adopted by over 1800 schools, Exploration of Physics: Simulation Library Vol. I has earned the reputation of being the most comprehensive and in-depth physics simulation software package available! The 64 highly interactive stand-alone simulations and labs cover a full year of introductory physics – mechanics, waves, heat, fluids, electricity & magnetism, and optics are all given extensive treatment. The software program utilizes a simulated lab approach allowing students to perform in-depth investigations.


Each simulation employs its own powerful engine that accurately recreates the physical world. Experimental parameters are easily manipulated using an assortment of slider controls; physical behaviors are brought to life using animated graphics that respond to user input; and physical quantities are displayed using digital readouts, graphs, and histograms. Each simulation also has a readily accessible detailed student lab-guide that provides specific direction for carrying out the lab investigation.


The vast collection of simulations and labs may be used in a variety of ways: (1) as an instructor lecture aid for demonstration purposes in front of the classroom, (2) for student use as a computer-based lab activity. Exploration of Physics simulations can be used to introduce a physics concept, or serve nicely to reinforce and extend a lab (involving apparatus) that has already been performed.


The ready-to-run simulations and highly intuitive interface allows first time users to immediately use the simulations and begin exploring with no preliminary time investment – essentially providing a ready-to-go lab experience.


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Simulations Contained in Vol. I
Position, Velocity, Accel-
   eration Graphs
Vector Properties
Free Fall Laboratory
Projectile Motion
Force Table
Inclined Plane
Connected Masses on
   Two Inclines
Centripetal Force
Gravitational Orbits
Cavendish Experiment
Center of Mass
Air Track
2D Collisions
Basic Torque
Spring & Pendulum
Damped Oscillator
Two Mass Oscillator
2D Oscillator

Wave Addition
Waves on a Rope
Standing Waves
Interference Patterns
Thin Film Interference
Multiple-Slit Interference
Resolution: Diffraction at a
   Circular Aperture
Intensity of Sound
Tone Beats
Doppler Shift 1
Doppler Shift 2
Lissajous Figures
Microscopic Heat
Thermal Conduction
Gas Flow
1st Law Thermodynamics
Ideal Gas
Adiabatic / Isothermal
Carnot Cycle

Electricity & Magnetism
Coulomb Forces
Electric Fields
Magnetic Fields
Trajectory in E & B Fields
Cathode-Ray Tube
Lenz’s Law
Motion of Charge Carriers
   through Conducting Wire
Capacitor Properties
Resistive Circuits
Capacitor Circuits
RC Circuits

Color Addition
Color Subtraction
Basic Prism
Snell’s Law
Fermat’s Principle

Density Lab
Buoyancy Lab
Pressure & Depth
U Tube
Bernoulli’s Equation
Torricelli’s Law
Flow Around a Wing
Pricing: (Perpetual License) System Requirements:
Single User: $229.00
Lab-10 License: $459.00
Lab-30 License: $679.00
Unlimited Site License: $890.00

Unlimited Site License allows an unlimited number of computers to run the software at one site, student take-home privileges are granted with this license only.
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Mac OS X  10.5 -10.9
  • Pricing shown is a one-time fee for perpetual license.
  • Software comes on Windows/Mac cross-platform CD